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Braves Blog of the Week: “Toma(T)alk”

Posted by Kris N. on December 13, 2009

When I started this blog however many months ago, I had a goal, a vision, a dream. That goal/vision/dream was to create an engaging community of intelligent Braves fans. It’s slipped the past couple of weeks, but no biggy. I want to introduce a new series on “The Few, The Proud, The Braves” called, “Braves Blog of the Week”or fortnight depending on how busy I am. I’m going to start with “Toma(T)alk”.

The author is “an Atlanta native and overly-obsessed baseball fan,” and in his spare time likes fantasy baseball, reading baseball books and re-watching “Field of Dreams.”

How long have you been a Braves fan?
Since I can remember watching sports. I grew up in Marietta, GA, which is a northwest suburb of Atlanta, and I immediately took to all of my hometown teams.

Who is your favorite Brave of all time?
Probably Dale Murphy. He was the Brave during my childhood years so it was just natural to love the guy. I’d put in a strong “honorable mention” to Greg Maddux who I always loved watching pitch during the 90’s.

Who is your favorite current Brave?
B-Mac. I’ve been impressed with his hitting and poise ever since he made his debut. Plus, the guy’s just so goofy and lighthearted that it’s difficult to find anything to dislike. I also appreciate that he grows a beard about as well as I do, and yet he still wears it more often than not.

When was your first baseball game? Did anything special happen? Who Took you?
Honestly, I don’t remember my first baseball game. I’m sure it was at Fulton County Stadium, and I’m sure my Dad took me, but that’s about as positive I can be. That’s probably attributable to the rather forgetful decade the Braves had in the 80’s as a whole.

What inspired you to create a Braves blog?
I’ve messed around with writing online about baseball for years. I tend to be a bit long-winded to merely reply to other people’s blogs so I figured I’d make my own blog where I could be as long-winded as I felt like.

How does the Braves’ future look? (2009 and beyond)
I think the Braves are in pretty good hands. It’s tough not to get excited when you see a rookie like Tommy Hanson come up and do so well without being fully mature yet. Having guys like Jason Heyward, Freddie Freeman, Cody Johnson, and Julio Teheran in the minors gives me even more encouragement. So long as the Braves develop these guys to their potential, the team has a bright future. I was happy to see the Braves essentially pull off the bandages this year letting Smoltz walk, cutting Glavine, and trading Francoeur. Many have given the front office a lot of grief in recent years, but they’ve gone a long ways in transitioning this team for the future.

What do you do when the Braves don’t play?
I’m a music person having played the guitar for about a decade now. I also love to read just about anything non-fiction, and I love to pretend to work out.

Fan or Fanatic?
I guess I’d say “Fan.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big time Braves guy, but I’m not someone who hoots and hollers a whole lot, and about as crazy dressed as I get for a game is perhaps wearing a Braves jersey. I also tend to get annoyed quickly at games when I see my fellow Braves fans demonstrate a lot of ignorance about our team, the opponent, or baseball in general.

It’s worth noting that by “fanatic,” I didn’t mean someone who is crazy at games, but rather a level of “fan-a-tism”

Braves biggest rival? (In your opinion)
It had been the Mets for years but it’s tough to deny that the Phillies are the team I get most ramped up about us playing. They’re the defending champions and have been the most consistent team in the N.L. East for the past 4 years. Since Atlanta doesn’t have that traditional rival or geographic rival, our biggest opponent should always be the team we’re chasing most frequently.

Who is worse? Jon Miller or Joe Morgan?
Joe Morgan…..really, it’s not close.

Do you have an Braves related goals?
When I was growing up I had this baseball that I used to take around to autograph signings. Over the years the baseball got the autographs of Glavine, Smoltz, Avery, Justice, Lemke, Blauser, Olson, Chipper, and a few others….the guy I never got was Greg Maddux. I suppose I would still want him to sign it, though I highly doubt that chance will ever come.

Do you have a goal for your blog?
Nah. If I make someone think about something a little differently, give them a piece of information they’d never heard, or just generally strike up a good debate, my only goal’s complete.

Coke or Pepsi?
Anyone who calls them self a Georgian must answer this question Coke. Aside from geography (well, it’s not really “aside” as the two are related, but) my dad’s worked for The Coca-Cola Company for over 30 years and I worked there on and off over the course of 5 years. It’s safe to say that Pepsi is simply known as the “P” word in our household.

Be sure to check out his blog @

And follow me on twitter @

Oh and the Braves sign Takishe Saito (another name I have to memorize spelling, ARRGH!)

Go Braves!

That’s all for me, folks!


22 Responses to “Braves Blog of the Week: “Toma(T)alk””

  1. China Grove said

    Hey man,

    China Grove here from the DOB blog. I happen to be facebook friends with Greg Maddux’s daughter. Met her at a conference… don’t know if it would be appropriate for me to ask her if someone can send memorabilia, but I can try if you’d like? Of course this would mean you’d have to send your pride and joy in the mail… but just a thought.

  2. Kris Noble said

    China Grove,

    Well. I interviewed someone else, and he said he wanted it, I could ask him. But that’s very cool that you know Maddux’s daughter. I’m a friend of a friend of Jordan Schafer, that’s my only baseball related claim to fame.

  3. China Grove said

    sweet deal. well let me know what he says and I’ll message her.

    also, you’re the guy from Chi-town! starting to put everything together.. it was you who I was telling about my roommate? this world is small.

  4. Kris Noble said

    You lost me. =)

    Yea, I live in Chicago (not proper, though)

  5. China Grove said

    it happens, man. I live in Canada with a guy from Highland Park. nice blog you’ve got here.

  6. Kris Noble said

    Why thank you. It really means a lot. Highaland Park is a nice place, you told him about me? That’s awfully nice. I just moved here from MLBlogs, it’s a lot better, more personal, you know?

  7. China Grove said

    Maybe I’ll revive my old blog. Just takes a lot of time, as you know. Enjoy the time you have to do these things now, the older you get, the tougher it will be. My friends and I launched a sports website in the spring but it died a slow and painful death.

    I realize that I sound like an old man, but I can’t help but give these words of wisdom.

  8. Kris Noble said

    Haha, tell me about it. Christmas Break, is it the time to help my blog, or neglect it? I’m just thankful for finals being over. If your interested, you can write here. I’m planning on turning it into an actual blog (dropping “.wordpress”) in 2010. I’d keep up with site maintenance, all you’d have to do is write and post.

    What did you write?

  9. China Grove said

    the website is I started an MLB preview and made it through the NL East. You might enjoy my inaugural post on the site though. FYI, my name’s Luke Hardiman.

    My old blog is no longer active and I wish I could link you to it now, because there was a lot of good baseball stuff.

    I’d love to write for you, but I’ll have to see what kind of time I have in the new year. Thanks for the invite though.

  10. China Grove said

    that other link wouldn’t work. must be the ‘www’.

  11. Kris Noble said

    I love the analysis in 30 teams in 30 days. You Luke or Adam?

  12. Kris Noble said

    Oops, Didn’t see your first post, anyways, you articles are very good. Very very good.

  13. China Grove said

    thanks man. Liberal Arts educations may not have too much value in the economy, but they do produce good writers and creative thinkers. Plus, when you learn to write about philosophy, baseball comes pretty naturally.

  14. Kris Noble said

    Liberal Arts? Nice. I’m blessed to have Columbia College so near, being an Improv actor. But I don’t see a career in that.

  15. China Grove said

    Not to overplay my bias, but you should really consider going to school in Canada, if you’re college/university bound. Highest Quality schools at very reasonable prices, even for international students. Schools here are prohibited from running themselves as a business – there are tuition caps and so forth. Anyways, just a thought.

  16. Kris Noble said

    I’ll definitely check it out. Problem is, I don’t know what I want to do. I’d love to do something I love to do (It’s late). But It’s way to risky. My brother went to Toronto and loved every minute of it. (Side story: He went to a bathroom and the graffiti read: “Fvck Intolerance!” I found that heart-warming). We’ll see where life takes me before I decide where to go, and I’ve got time. Livin’ it day by day.

  17. China Grove said

    Yeah, it’s a different place up here. And Toronto is easily the most American place we have… it’s a lot like some of the more multicultural US cities. Geographically, you can more or less correspond places in Canada with their American counterparts. BC is like Oregon, Alberta is like Texas, etc. Well except our Texas has gay marriage, for instance. I’m sure you get the picture.

    Toronto is an awesome city but it’s like going to New York City – a culture of it’s own. You probably heard how clean Toronto was – well it’s probably our dirtiest city, to give you an idea.

  18. Kris Noble said

    Silly question: Do I deny citizenship or is it some kind visa type dealio? Any recommendations? Looking for liberal housing, co-ed, good arts program and business program…

    Thanks in advance

  19. China Grove said

    probably easier we do this on facebook or msn.

    msn if you have it is best… is my add

    if not, feel free to add me to fb

    and no, you won’t have to deny citizenship!

  20. Kris Noble said

    I’m looking at Humber very seriously.

  21. China Grove said

    Humber’s a good school, but there are a lot better schools that aren’t that hard to get into. Remember that here they all cost the same. You don’t need AMAZING grades to get into the best schools here, a vast, vast majority are public institutions. I go to the University of King’s College (affiliated with Dalhousie University. This is a university considered one of Canada’s “Ivies” and I got in with low-80s and pay only marginally more than I would at a lot of other schools. Best thing to do is to decide what you want to do first, then I can really narrow it down for you. Canada is a small enough place that I probably know someone that knows someone that goes to any school you can name.

  22. Sophia said

    Wow! Outstanding blog! Really! I hope realize how grateful us readers are, thank you for everything you done. Top notch analyst!

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