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Challenge! (Top Switch Hitting Lineup)

Posted by Kris N. on December 19, 2009

I’ll start the first post of my new home with this “Challenge!” The challenge is to come up with the best defensive and offensive switch hitting lineup of active players with a DH. That’s not hard enough though. So, your payroll limit is 70 million dollars. You can get the 2010 contracts from Use 2010 contracts please. But that’s not all, as an added bonus, all current free agents are FREE!!

Summit answers in the comments section. The top selection will be voted on later. Good luck!

For some help:

Brian Roberts – 10M

Luis Castillo – 6M

Carlos Beltran -18.5

Chipper Jones -13M

Lance Berkman – 14.5M

Mark Texiera -20M

Rafael Furcal -8.5M

Derek Jeter -20M

Milton Bradley -9M

Jason Veritek – 3M

Victor Martinez – 7M


3 Responses to “Challenge! (Top Switch Hitting Lineup)”

  1. Kris Noble said

    My Lineup:
    1. Chone Figgins – LF – 8M
    2. Brian Roberts – 2B – 10M
    3. Mark Texiera – 1B – 20M
    4. Pablo Sandoval – 3B – .4M
    5. Victor Matinez – C – 7M
    6. Rafael Furcal – SS – 8.5M
    7. Kendry Morales – DH – .7M
    8. Nick Swisher – RF – 6.75M
    9. Coco Crisp – CF – FREE!
    Total = 61.45M

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Kris Noble, Kris Noble. Kris Noble said: New Post: CHALLENGE!! Top switch- hitting lineup under $70M: […]

  3. Peter said

    C – Matt Wieters ($0.4 M)
    1B – Mark Teixeira ($20.0 M)
    2B – Ben Zobrist ($0.4 M)
    3B – Pablo Sandoval ($0.4 M)
    SS – Asdrubal Cabrera ($0.4 M)
    LF – Nick Swisher ($6.75 M)
    CF – Dexter Fowler ($0.4 M)
    RF – Carlos Beltran ($18.5 M)
    DH – Chipper Jones ($14.0 M)

    Total $61.25 M

    That team makes me DROOL. Excellent defensively all around, all super-stars basically.

    Line-up probably looks like this:

    1. Dexter Fowler – CF
    2. Chipper Jones – DH
    3. Carlos Beltran – RF
    4. Mark Teixeira – 1B
    5. Nick Swisher – LF
    6. Pablo Sandoval – 3B
    7. Matt Wieters – C
    8. Ben Zobrist – 2B
    9. Asdrubal Cabrera – SS

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