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Best Team of the Decade

Posted by Kris N. on December 20, 2009

A friend of my sparked an intriguing question: Who was the best team of the decade? This decade would be a lot harder to determine than the 90’s. In the 90’s, I’d go with the Yankees or Braves (probably Yankees, but it be close). But in this decade, no one has won the World Series more than twice. I just found out ESPN did this, and as expected they choose the Yankees. But, my friends, I do not get paid to stroke the ego of the greatest tragedy in professional baseball.

I wanted a way to mathematically find the best team, and answer all my questions. (Who was the best team in the ALC?, Are the Braves 5 division titles enough to top the Phils World and League championship? Who was worse: Baltimore, Washington, Pittsburgh, or Kansas City? Etc.) So the natural solution was an overcomplicated mathematical point system. 😀

The Point System:

It’s broken up into different team statistical categorizes involving hitting, pitching, base stealing, defense, all the elements of the game. 100 points would be rewarded to the team with the most HRs in The Majors in a certain year, however, 50 points would be deducted from the team with the least HRs in The Majors (a little crude, I know, but it measures all elements of the game, HRs are a part if them, regardless of the manager offensive strategy). The same is for base stealing and pitching: ERA, WHIP, K’s, etc.  There’s a problem with the defense, there’s not much defensive stats that can be used to evaluate a teams performance from 2000 to 2009. So I had to use errors and fielding percentage. To give defense an equal worth; Teams with the least errors earned 200 points, teams with most, 100 lost. Same with fielding percentage. A few statistical categories are: HR, AVG, SB, RBI, ERA, WHIP, K, Errors, and Fielding %.


  • World Championships earned 1,000 points
  • League Championships awards 800 points
  • Division Championships gets 500 points
  • Wild Card gives 200 points
  • 100 win season got you 800 points
  • 100 loss season = – 100 points.

I told you it was an overcomplicated mathematical point system.

So what you can assume before calculation is:

  • Great teams will be in the 10,000’s
  • VERY VERY bad teams will be in the negatives

For added suspense, the results will be posted between now and New Years.

Oh, and if you want to kill yourself (or someone else), read this to fire you up (ESPN’s team of the decade):



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