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Is our Front Office Lying to Us?

Posted by Kris N. on January 13, 2010

I found out  something interesting about our payroll after a listening to “Atlanta Baseball Talk’s” latest podcast. I counted up the published payroll ( and got this:

If Moylan & Melky each make $3M (a stretch). Braves have $85,888,667, before incentives. If all incentives are met, it’s $90,488,667.

Now we both now that Moylan and Melky won’t make $3M each, somewhere closer to $2M is more realistic, but let’s just assuming they’ll make $3M. With the current payroll, the absolute most the Braves have to pay is $90,488,667, if every meets their bonuses and incentives. And yet “we are out of money,” but “are not cutting payroll.”

Sounds really fishy.

What I’m thinking is, last year the Braves spent $95M, but Hudson’s salary (or a least a portion) was covered by insurance, so they were free to spend more money, $5M more.

What do you think?

Are the Braves lying to us?


One Response to “Is our Front Office Lying to Us?”

  1. Sean said

    I think I’d need to see more evidence, but I give the benefit of the doubt to the Braves. Why would they risk their reputation in the eyes of fans over a few million dollars? That’d be stingy/extremely irresponsible.

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