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Jeff Francoeur Is A Genius?? WTF?

Posted by Kris N. on January 20, 2010

I’m going to go out and say it, he is brilliant. Oh, yes. The man who has produce these quotes:

“[On his career in Atlanta] For some reason it wasn’t working out.”

“[The Mets] are not there for my on-base percentage. It was great to hear [manager] Jerry Manuel in a team meeting say, “I don’t care about average. I care about scoring runs, driving in runs and preventing runs.”

Either that, or he is a fantastic lover in bed. Seriously, today he got a $5M dollar contract. 5 MILLION DOLLARS! My god. Ok, let’s look at this “sabermetricly.”

Lets compare Melky Cabrera to Jeff Francoeur, mainly because both are in their 2nd year in arbitration. I’ll use OPS, wins, dollars worth, wRAA, and UZR from 2009. By the by, there is more to baseball than HR’s. I’ve only been following baseball since 2007 and I got that down pretty quickly.


Cabrera = .752 OPS, 1.6 WAR,  $7.2M, 1.0 wRAA, – 1.6 UZR.

Francoeur = .732 OPS, 0 WAR, $.2M, – 8.2 wRAA, – 6.1 UZR.

So, we know Cabrera is worth more, in all previously shown ways. Offensively, defensively.  So why would the Mets pay Francoeur more than the Braves paid Cabrera? Nooooo, Mr. SmartyPants. I’m looking for a better reason than, “Minaya is retarded frog squirrel, who had butt sex with retarded monkey fish frog.”
A blogger brought up that because Jeff generated revenue from the team, he deserves a cut of it. To which I said:

“I disagree. Arbitration players are to be made examples of. Now any Charlie “.309 OBP hittin” Dickin can easily demand $5M in his second year of arbitration. I don’t think you can rationalize his awful performance with jersey sales, not in a casual baseball discussion or in, god forbid, a arbitration case. Oh wait.”

Another possibility is that the Mets are the second largest marketed team in baseball, so their players will naturally get paid more. Well, no. (At least not by choosing). Arbitration is distinctly designed to pay players fairly, even in small market teams. Is that not true? Is that not why the Marlins dump their star players for prospects? If Francoeur deserved $5M, he’ll get $5M on the Royal, Pirates, or the Yankees.

Here’s what I think:

I think Minaya wanted to pay Jeff $5M, when in actuality, he deserves about 3M. (He actually deserves about 1M – 2M, but it doesn’t work like that, I know, don’t get me started on the arbitration system). How does that make Mets fans feel? Knowing that that $2M he could have saved could have gone to acquiring Sheets, Pinero, and Smoltz.  So guess what Mr. SmartyPants, you were right, it’s because Minaya is retarded frog squirrel, who had butt sex with retarded monkey fish frog.


6 Responses to “Jeff Francoeur Is A Genius?? WTF?”

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  2. bjoura said

    Mets fan here who dislikes Francoeur. However, I can live with this contract. The money is not a big deal to a club with a payroll like the Mets. Do I wish they just non-tendered him? Yes. But the key is that they did not give him a multi-year deal. Right now, if he stinks in 2010 they can non-tender him next year and look to improve RF then.

    The team has enough holes to deal with right now that a stop-gap one year deal for Francoeur makes some sense. It’s not what I’d do, but it’s a defensible move. And the $5 million spent on him won’t keep them from getting a FA pitcher.

    • Kris N. said

      The move is definitely defensible. But only because they have empty pockets of cash. If Minaya wants to field a competitive team by over spending on players, well, more power to him, I guess. Francoeur isn’t a starting RF, in my mind.

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  4. Sean said

    The Mets think Francoeur is worth 5 million, and the Giants think Tim Lincecum is worth 8 million. All is fair and well outside of the court of law.

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