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Just An Idea…

Posted by Kris N. on January 24, 2010

It looks like the bench will be filled with:

David Ross
Omar Infante
Eric Hinske
Mitch Jones
Joe Thurston

That’s a great bench, one of the best in the NL, no doubt. And it looks like the Braves are done with major moves, however, I don’t consider a bench piece a major move. So what if the Braves dumped Joe Thurston (the weakest link) and signed Adam Kennedy.

Let’s compare: (Career numbers; Fielding stats at 2B)

Kennedy is a better player. He wouldn’t cost more than league minimum. And C’mon! He’s a flippin’ Kennedy!


2 Responses to “Just An Idea…”

  1. K26dp said

    More likely that the bench will be Ross, Infante, Melky Cabrera, Hinske, and one of Thurston, Diory Hernandez, or Brooks Conrad. Jones is the AAA guy ready to come up if Glaus or Hinske get hurt.

    • Kris N. said

      We’ll have to see. I think the Braves want Jones on the MLB roster. Thurston, Diory, and Conrad don’t belong on the highest level of professional baseball, at least not yet. I remain hopeful that The Braves sign Kennedy, although, reportedly, two team have interest in him as a 2B starter. If he’s a smart man, he’ll sign a 1yr. 1M deal with those guys.

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