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What Have You Been Doing Over The Offseason?

Posted by Kris N. on February 26, 2010

First off, there will be no more posts until Spring Training games start, which is in 4 days! At that point we can do things like:

  • Make fun of the Mets
  • Talk about Jason Heyward
  • Make fun of the Mets
  • Talk about Troy Glaus
  • Make fun of the Mets
  • Evaluate the teams performance

A lot of people talk about how ST games don’t matter, because they in no way shape or form accurately project how the team will preform in regular season games. This is true, however, baseball is baseball, and I’ve been missing Braves’ baseball for 5 months! So bring on ST! It will also be worth looking at Heyward, Glaus, Hudson, Wagner, Saito, Kenshin, Hanson and Lowe.

It may sound ludicrous, but, the player I’m most excited to see in Spring Training is Derek Lowe. Honestly, if this man is doing well, something is going to click in the rotation that would make it the best in the league.

Always walking with some swagger

Courtesy of Phil Skinner

Something Worth Noting

I don’t usually read the Braves Vent over at  the AJC website, because, well because it’s a cesspool breeding ground of the most idiotic comments on the planet. Like this one,

“Glaus will hit 20 HRs this year, problem is Lowe will give up 20 HRs”

Oh my stars and garters! That’s one of those quotes where you have to stop and reread it, just to make sure you properly digested all of the stupid. Especially because Lowe is very good at keeping the ball in the park.

With no more to say about that, I’d like to slickly transition to another topic.

What Have You Been Doing Over The Offseason?

What did you do to pass the time away, aside from refreshing MLB Trade Rumors every 30 seconds, for all the chances you get while passing the time away at your boring desk job and/or schooling class.

My offseason certainly wasn’t exciting as any of the MLB personal. I didn’t go 3-1 with a 0.49 ERA over seven appearances in the Winter Dominican Republic League like Fransisco Liriano did. I didn’t get a two million dollar raise like Jeff Francoeur did. And I didn’t vacate in Mexico with my family like Frank Wren did.

What I did do was basically school stuff, theatre stuff, and friends stuff. That, and watching a lot of TV and working on this blog.

So, what did you do?

Oh my stars and garters


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