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I Hate Cubs Fans (Braves 16, Cubs 5)

Posted by Kris N. on April 5, 2010

Because I live in Chicago, the Braves playing the Cubs is always special to me. The Braves KILLING the Cubs 16 – 5 is even better. That’s what happened tonight. Opening day showed us a lot, and you couldn’t have asked for a better start to the march to the playoffs as Bobby Cox’s last year of managing.


Derek Lowe

Decent, For Now.

Despite the stats, Lowe pitch well. His pitches were moving really well, too well in fact. Home plate umpire Derryl Cousins is known for having a super small strike zone, and both teams picked up on that quick. So for his pitches having great movement, it would have been hard for them to control ’em enough to satisfy Derryl Cousins to call it a strike, hence the abundance of walks throughout the game. His made some mistakes, some hanging sliders and that’s why they ended up as souviners to the idiotic Cubs fans who populated the seats. Unfortunately for him, there were a few frogs on those lilly pads when he gave up the HRs. He also got a TON of groundballs, which is a good sign of a rebound. I haven’t noticed his new mechanics, but his sinker looks great.

McLouth’s Double Play

I’m sure Cubs fans are going to blame today’s loss on that “double play.” Childish Cub fans always have to find a scapegoat, and can’t except the truth. Bob Brenly needs to stop spoon feeding his team’s fan this propaganda that Soranio could’ve hit a HR to tie the game if he was motivated with runners on base. HE STRUCK OUT ON 4 BREAKING BALLS OFF THE PLATE!! It’s baseball, shit happens. In fact, it happens so often that I can’t believe you understand that. Braves had gotten screwed over on so many calls last year, and did us fans complain? Well, yes, but Bill Hohn is ridiculous. Furthermore, major props the McLouth for turning his glove as it fell, and covering the drop so well.

Braves Offense

Today, the Braves battied around TWICE! So, I don’t know if everyone ate their spinach today or what happened, but tonight’s scoring was pure bliss. I’m wondering where the outburst came from. I didn’t hear if the wind was carrying, but the small strike zone helps. Glaus had fanned on some crazy awesome pitches from Marshall and Zambrano. Chipper was spreading the ball all over the place tonight. And I fully believe that there isn’t anything McCann McCann’t do. Last year, I recognized that Escobar was a series cog in the production machine from our lineup. Coming into this year, I wondered if he could repeat those same RISP numbers, and I don’t think I’ve found my answer yet, but his 5 RBIs certainly help.

Jason Heyward

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

What can I say about this beast that isn’t even old enough to drink? Plenty. But I won’t. Instead, I’ll just say that tonight, he made me a believer. It’s not that a was doubting him, it’s just that HR, that swing, removed all skepticism from my mind.

I can not wait until Wednsday, I need more Braves baseball!!


2 Responses to “I Hate Cubs Fans (Braves 16, Cubs 5)”

  1. wtt said

    Some thoughts on your boy Heyward over at the site… LEGENDS

  2. Johnd36 said

    I am in agreement with pretty much everything that you mentioned entirely! Excellent website document! dbgecdfeedcd

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