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Pat Burrell to the Braves?

Posted by Kris N. on May 18, 2010

The Idea:

Braves outfielder Melky Cabrera has struggled in the start of the 2010 season; posting an abysmal line of .193/.285/.229/.514 in his first 127 plate appearances. The idea is to replace Melky Cabrera with Pat Burrell. The recent Pat Burrell experiment in Tampa Bay has failed as he was designated for assignment a few days ago. Now the Rays can either trade him or release him. The thought is that Pat Burrell will supply Atlanta with some power either off the bench, or in LF.

Bad vs. Bad

The Pro Argument:

Melky is struggling. Burrell is struggling. So why not switch them? Even if Cabrera gets back on track, he’ll only hit around .270/.335/410. Pat Burrell has a higher ceiling, he could hit .250/.370/.460.

The Con Argument:

Pat Burrell is done. The odds that Pat Burrell actually hits anywhere near those numbers is about 10,000 to one. The odds that Melky comes back around are a lot better. Burrell’s bat speed has slowed down as evidence that he can’t catch up to fastballs. I also doubt his ability to hit for power. His two home runs this year (that were pulled to the LF alley) were 379 & 366 ft. Those are not HRs in Turner Field. And Pat Burrell’s fielding is trash. Where would you play him? Even putting him as the designated pinch hitter is a bad idea. You’d like your PH to have a high batting average. Burrell won’t. Pat would need regular at bats, something I don’t see happening if he was on this team because he creates an over crowded outfield situation. Jason Heyward is the RF. Period. Then there’s McLouth, Diaz, Cabrera, and Schafer, who should be up here July.

The Verdict:

While Braves fans, including me, do not like Melky Cabrera, the one opinion who’s actually matters, The Atlanta Braves, ironically enough, do. Cabrera leaving stands little chance of actually happening. Besides that point, there is already too many struggling bats on this team, do we really need to add another? Also, there is no basis of him actually being able to hit another than, “What if he hits?” Well, what makes you think he will? He is done, he’s got nothing left in the tank. Hes an aging DH with no fielding ability whose power is regressing drastically. So I would have to say no to Pat Burrell.

Real friends don't let freinds want Pat Burrell


3 Responses to “Pat Burrell to the Braves?”

  1. Philly_in_NYC said

    Having watched his entire career, I’ll always have love for “Pat the Bat”. He earned the title of “MET KILLER” while with the Phillies, and contributed to their organization through bad years and good. That said, the only hope that Burrell could return to his former numbers would be as an everyday player (when he had those numbers). No team, including the Braves, could offer this chance (everyday play) to Pat. IMO he wouldn’t fit on any teams roster. For sentimental reasons I’d like to see the Phillies bring him back during roster expansion, then let him retire from where he was most loved.

    • Kris N. said

      That would be nice, but I think a team like he Giant’s will pick him up well before September. But Yes, Braves can’t offer him playing time. The outfield I want to have the most time (once Schafer is up) is McLouth/Diaz in LF (platoon, Schafer in CF, and Heyward in RF.

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