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Braves Trade Deadline Recap Special

Posted by Kris N. on August 1, 2010

This is not the start of regular posts, just a special, I still don’t have a laptop.

The Atlanta Braves, having reached July 31st atop the NL East division for the first time since 2005, looked to field the best possible team to get to the playoffs last night. Last year Braves GM Frank Wren added Adam LaRoche in his first year of becoming a “buyer” for the Braves. He went on to post a line of .325/.401/.557/.958 while playing 57 games at first base, which was then a big hole in the Braves offense. This year, center field and shortstop have been the runs sucking abyss in the Braves lineup. A trade for all of a sudden slugging SS Alex Gonzalez, and the Braves think they have that hole fixed. (We can leave the argument for later.) Now CF is the only position where the Braves should have below average offensive number for the rest of the season. Frank Wren seemed comfortable with letting Nate McLouth work out his struggles on a team thats in a the middle of a pennant race, If that didn’t work, send him to AAA while letting Melky Cabrera, “The Farm Animal*”, take over in center field. Perhaps that would work if Melky Cabrera and Nate McLouth weren’t the absolute worst position players in the history of everything.

Then on July 29, The Phillies traded the lowly J.A. Happ and two minor leagues Anthony Gose and Jonathan Villar for the “gritty” and “agelees” Roy Oswalt in a deal that instantly made them World Series C hampions, so as ESPN sees fit. (More on that later). The day before the deadline, Braves MVP and super catalyst, Martin Prado fractures his pinky and will be out for at least a week. Wren surely had to have had a lot on his mind. So let’s see how things went down:

  • 10:21 am: Marlins announce they haven’t found the right deal for Cody Ross and won’t likely trade him
  • 2:43 pm: DOB says there’s a chance something will happen somewhere at some point
  • 3:35 pm: ESPN reports that the Marineers pushed Chone Figgins to the ATL and that the Braves are looking for a reliever
  • 4:07 pm: Braves take Wilkin Rameriez from the Tigers for the first move they made
  • 4:19 pm: Braves trade Blanco, Collins and Chavez to KC for OF Rick Ankiel and RHP Kyle Farnsworth

No Jose Bautista, no Josh Willingham, no Corey Hart, etc. All of those players would’ve cost the Braves pitching which they don’t want to trade away. Seems very reasonable.

Gregor Blanco

With this trade we have to be as objective as possible when it comes to Gregor Blanco. A clear fan favorite he is, but he is nothing more than a 4th outfielder. Not to say that Rick Ankiel is anything more than a 4th OF, just a better one, more suited to regularly play center. Truth is, Blanco shouldn’t be on a World Series contending team, but I wish him the best of luck in all of his endeavorers.

Jesse Chavez

I think a little celebration music is in order:

Na na na na, Na na na na, Hey hey hey, Goodbye!

I honestly don’t know what was worse: that Frank Wren allowed him to be on this team or that Bobby Cox constantly used him in high leverage situations. But guess what? I DON’T HAVE TO CARE ANYMORE! I don’t have to listen to Bobby explaining that his outings were good but he just got beat, or how he has a “live arm.” Done!

Tim Collins

Collins is a short lefty with strikeout stuff and a decent pitching prospect too that projects to a career in the bullpen, but we already have plenty of pitching prospects and tremendous LHPs in the bullpen. If you’re going to upgrade 2 of your 25 guys for 2 other guys and the team you’re dealing with wants a LHP prospect that: A. You just got 2.5 weeks before and B. Isn’t on your top 10 list, then do it. If he does pan out, at least it will be far, far away from the Braves in the American League Central.

Rick Ankiel

Nate McLouth is currently useless, Melky Cabrera is always useless, Jordan Schafer isn’t ready and continues to struggle, and Gregor Blanco isn’t a MLB center fielder. I said back in the middle of July there were 3 players I wanted the Braves to look at: Cody Ross, Ryan Spilborghs, and Chris Young. Well, Ross was unavaible, Young probably would’ve cost a little something too much, but I don’t understand why Spilborghs isn’t an Atlanta Brave. Oh well. Anyways, Braves like Rick because he offers more SLG%, plays a center, and when he tries to throw the ball into second, it doesn’t end up in right field! (Compared to anyone who has played center this year.) He has been injured this year, so it makes it more of a medium risk/high reward type acquisition. However, I can’t help but feel that he wasn’t the center piece…

Kyle Farnsworth

Last time Kyle Farnsworth has had a productive season? 2005. Last time the Braves made the playoffs? 2005. Correlation? I think so. He’s actually having a more than productive season. 3.00 K/BB ratio, 1.16 WHIP, and a 2.42 ERA in a more hitting friendly league. (I refuse to say better league, show me where it’s better!) Braves were looking for a reliever, lord knows why, their bullpen is the 2nd best in the NL. But it now looks like this:

Looking good!

Chone Figgins?

According to reports, Seattle called up Atlanta trying to push Chone Figgins on them. Then the Braves called Seattle back and they said he was no longer available. If the second part is just smokescreen banter, then I see no reason why the two teams could no longer talk until the waiver deadline. Lowe for Figgins works, as might KK for Figgins, but don’t know if KK would clear waivers. He has also been in the dog house as of late for not hustling. Sound familiar? {Not anymore!} Figgins could play LF, CF, 3B, and 2B. Or ESPN could be blowing smoke and this is all speculation.

Kenshin Kawa-CanIHavePlayingTime?

I was a little bit surprised to see that Kawakami wasn’t traded, but he still might be trade-able through August 31st. It’s clear his future with the Braves is numbered. His last 3 outings were on: July 16th, June 26th, and June 20th. He can still help a contender very much, but only in a starting role. He was signed on to be the 5th starter in an otherwise shaky rotation, and he’s succeeded very much, being one of the most consistent starters since coming here. Braves need his money, and he needs a fresh start. Texas or Chicago anyone? (White Sox)

J.A. Happ/Roy Oswalt

Phillies got a big name pitcher, and it only cost them a very good pitcher who demolishes the Braves offense.

Braves vs. career J.A. Happ: .207/.287/.379/.666. 0 – 2 record in 6 games and 32.1 innings.

Braves vs. career Roy Oswalt: .354/.388/.543/.932. 3 – 0 record in 7 games and 29.2 innings.

Nice move dumbass! I sure know which pitcher I’d rather face in the playoffs (Hint: It’s the one you traded prospects for). This is just like the Roy Halladay incident. Amaro HAD to have Roy Halladay, but at the cost of Cliff Lee, what the hell is the point? How much are you upgrading? Nothing. Not a god damn thing. Happ would have been just as nasty and would’ve saved money so they could go after a true weakness, like the bullpen. Now you have to sit on your hands and watch this mediocre team attempt to stumble into the playoffs. Good luck.

So for those fans who are afraid we didn’t do enough at the deadline, think about this: We turned a 4th outfielder into a serviceable center fielder, where we’ve had a huge offensive and defensive whole. AND turned a 5.89 ERA holding, 12 pitcher named Jesse Chavez into a 2.42 ERA, Billy Wagner setting up pitcher named Kyle Farnsworth. W. I. N. Period.

That’s all for me, folks!

Go Braves!


6 Responses to “Braves Trade Deadline Recap Special”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Atlanta Braves Buzz, Kris Noble. Kris Noble said: New Post: "Braves Trade Deadline Recap Special" #Braves Including thoughts on the #Phillies. […]

  2. PhillykillsATL said

    Pretty good, if the Braves could play as good as you write they’d be World Series champs for sure. BUT, since they don’t, the Braves are destined to fall to the Phillies.

  3. Philly_in_NYC said

    With the exception of, “Now you have to sit on your hands and watch this mediocre team attempt to stumble into the playoffs.” I congratulate you on your acumen in regards to the HAPP for OSWALT trade. To date the trade of Ferguson Jenkins in 1966 (which I remember all too well) who then had 6 consecutive 20+ win seasons has been the worse release by the Phillies of pitching talent. I have no doubt that from this trade forward HAPP will post a better record than OSWALT. Any “alleged professional” that CRIES, “My teammates suck, trade me.” is not a “TEAM” player.

    • Kris N. said

      I went a little too easy on Happ and a little too hard on Oswalt. Happ will most likely post a better record, but he is very lucky. His strand rate is astronomical, last season was probably a fluke. I just don’t know why the front office didn’t look at the stats. I always dreaded facing Happ last year. Phillies and Braves play 6 more games, and if Happ were to pitch in 2 of those games, I’d feel much more uncomfortable about the Braves winning the division.

  4. You post great posts, bookmarked for future referrence !

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