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The Braves Unsung Hero

Posted by jrniemeyer on August 21, 2010

The 2010 Atlanta Braves lead the NL East by 2.5 games at the start of play on Saturday. The Braves have had 14 different players offer up game winning RBI’s this season. You keep hearing quotes from the Braves clubhouse that each night brings a different hero to the plate. However, there is one name that isn’t mentioned in these quotes and that’s GM Frank Wren.

There is no question he has had some bumps in the roads as Braves GM but overall he has turned this team into a winner in 2010. Some may disagree with me, but in my opinion Frank Wren deserves some consideration for 2010 Exec. of the Year. Let me re-emphasize that I do not agree with everything or even half of things he has done during his tenure as Braves GM but he hasn’t missed much in 2010. Below I will review some of his moves and briefly talk about how these moves have put the Braves back in 1st place

Re-signing Tim Hudson-

  • This move was his best by far this past off-season. Hudson has been the ace of the staff and one of the main reasons this team is in 1st place in late August. Hudson is signed through 2012 for $9m a year.

Signing of Troy Glaus

  • Say what you will about Troy but he carried this entire team for an entire month earlier this season. I realize there are better ways to evaluate players than by HR’s and RBI’s but Glaus will most likely get 20 and 80 out of Glaus for only $1.75m.  Glaus would also be a decent DH if the Braves make a deep run into October.

Extension of David Ross

  • This extension won’t get much press but it should. I have said many times before that David Ross is the best backup catch in MLB and I’m not sure its close. He is a tremendous DEF catcher and has done alot of work with Brian McCann in trying to take him to the next level defensively.

Derrek Lee Trade

  • After the trade of Derrek Lee went through, Tim Hudson was quoted as saying, “It lets us know they’re(front office) on the same page as us. We want to win. We want to get our team better. There’s no egos around here…” Only time will tell how well this trade works out for the Braves but the fact that it was made is a big deal. I’m not in favor of making a move just to make a move. I think this trade will help the Braves immensely. Troy Glaus will be allowed to rest his legs and Lee is a big upgrade with the glove and is hitting very well since the all-star break.


  • The acquisition of Melky and the signing of Hinske may not be huge but it gives you two league average bench players that can come and contribute in situational AB’s.(Note: I almost didn’t put Melky on this list but anyone who can find a way to throw a baseball backwards while trying to throw it to 2nd base deserves some recognition.)

5 Responses to “The Braves Unsung Hero”

  1. brouhahasports said

    I actually hope the Braves win the NL pennant. It would be nice for them and great thing for their fans. There is nobody else in the NL, as a neutral observer, I would rather see win.

  2. Kris N. said

    I went to the Cubs game today. They all said the same thing. ‘We respect the organization,’ “I’m rooting for them to win it all, but after this series,’ etc. They especially like how we’ve beaten the Cardinals in their time(s) of need.

    Lee got on base twice late today. I’ll take it.

  3. grafe said

    The Vazquez trade looked awful at the time, but it’s really worked out well for the Braves, they have a good prospect in Vizcaino and while Melky certainly isn’t someone you want starting (though I saw a stat that he’s put up around an 800 ops in his past 50 games, nice) he’s a decent fourth outfielder. The thing that really makes it a great move though is that it allowed them to resign Hudson, and what a crazy discount they’re getting having him at only 9 mill a year. I can’t say I agree with what you said about Glaus though, Glaus definitely was a part of why the Braves dug themselves out of their hole in May but outside those six weeks he’s been just awful, hopefully if he gets some rest he can be a good bat off the bench though

    • jrniemeyer said

      Yeah, I think the Glaus signing was only a good signing because of how much we paid for him. I think the value that we got out of his production out weighs his actual production. Hope that makes sense…

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