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A Modest Proposal

Posted by Kris N. on August 23, 2010

The Problem:

The Boston Red Soxs have a record of 72 – 54, which is good for third place in the American League East. And we all know that third place isn’t good enough to make the playoffs. But doesn’t it seem weird that a team with the fourth highest winning percentage in the league won’t make the playoffs? Boston could finish the season as the third best team in the American League, better than the AL Central and AL East division winners, and miss October baseball only because the AL East is too good.

What about the Orioles? How can they possibly compete in a division that holds The Yankees, Red Soxs, Rays, and Blue Jays? How about the National League central? Is it fair that The Cardinals and Reds get to beat on an extra team? That they get to play the Pirates and Cubs more than the Padres and Braves?

Adrian Beltre has hit .323/.363/.559/.922 with 23 HRs this season.

The Solution:

Get rid of divisions, they’re stupid. Everyone in each league plays each other the same amount and the top four teams go to the playoffs. It also gets rid of the wild card bullshit. From a MLBN/ESPN money standpoint, it prevents over saturation of baseball rivalries (like New York and Boston coverage every other week) and makes them more enjoyable, and will create new rivalries like Cardinals vs. Braves.

Baseball used to be like this, back when baseball made sense.


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