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Atlanta Braves from 1991 to 2010(Part 1)

Posted by jrniemeyer on August 24, 2010

I decided to take on a small endeavor and rank all of the Atlanta Braves teams from 1991-2010. Since 2010 isn’t over, I will be placing them in the spot I think they belong. I will do this list in two parts; the first part will be Braves teams 20-11 and the finale will be the top 10 Braves teams of the past 20 years. I hope you enjoy and feel free to disagree.

20. Braves 2008- They were a rather dreadful bunch by year only. That roster playing to their current ability might score 875-900 runs. The roster included Prado, Chipper, Teixeira, McCann, Infante, Kelly Johnson, and Escobar. Unfortunately, some of those players were a year or two early and the pitching was awful. Overall, the team had a -25 run differential.

19.Braves 2006- The 2006 Braves were bad not because of their bat but because of their performance on the mound. They allowed more runs(805) that season than any other Braves team in the last 20 years.

18. Braves 2009- You may not look at last year as the 3rd worst in 20 years but that’s because 2008 was so bad. It’s going to be hard to win a division or WC when your best player is Yunel Escobar at a 5.5(WAR).

17. Braves 2007- No real secret that the last 4 Braves teams would be at the bottom of my list considering they hardly sniffed 1st place. Scott Thorman started at 1st base for the majority of that season. Enough said.

16. Braves 2005- This team won the NL East with 90 wins but had only two quality starters in Smoltz and Hudson who had respected ERA+’s of 139 and 121. Andruw Jones hit a whopping 51 HR’s but that was the only highlight from the offensive side of things.

15. Braves 2001- This team managed to win the East and go to the NLCS with a mere 88 wins. Age played a small factor with this team as it was the 3rd oldest lineup(30.4) and 2nd oldest pitching staff(31.1) in the last 20 years.

14. Braves 1991- All the magic started with the 1991 “Worst to First” team. Even though they went to the W.S they got almost no production out Greg Olsen, Sid Bream, or Rafael Belliard. Also worth noting, they had the 2nd youngest pitching staff during this 20 year span.

13. Braves 2000- The 2000 Braves team won 95 game but got swept in the LDS. Bobby Cox did a great job this season of combining so many pieces. The Braves sent 47 different players to the plate in 2000 which is the 2nd most of any team in the 20 year span.

12. Braves 2004- This team won 96 but again lost in the LDS(a theme for the Braves teams in the 2000’s). This team got pretty even production throughout the order with 7 players having an OPS over. 800(min 350 PA’s). It’s downfall was the lack of an ace to shutdown the opponent(Smoltz was in the bullpen).

11. Braves 1996- Sigh, this team was probably our best chance at winning a 2nd World Series. Up 2-0 against the Yankees and up 6-0 in Game 4 before blowing it in extra innings. They needed more production out of their middle infield with Blauser batting .245 and Lemke having an OPS+ of 67.

The Top 10 Braves teams of the past 20 years will be posted on Thursday. Enjoy!!!!


3 Responses to “Atlanta Braves from 1991 to 2010(Part 1)”

  1. grafe said

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention the Baby Braves for 05, of which only McCann remains while the rest of them struggle to stay in the majors. Francoeur will probably stick around just because the media still loves him for some bizarre reason, I even saw an article a couple weeks ago saying how he was being disrespected for having to platoon with Martinez

  2. Kris N. said

    I hate Scott Thorman. If you’re reading this, Scott Thorman, I don’t like you.

  3. […] Atlanta Braves from 1991 to 2010(Part 1) […]

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