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Atlanta Braves 1991-2010(Part 2)

Posted by jrniemeyer on August 26, 2010

In the past 20 years, there haven’t been alot of teams that have had more regular season success than the Atlanta Braves. On Tuesday, I ranked the Atlanta Braves teams 20-11 of the last 20 years. Listed below is the top 10 Braves teams of the past 20 years. Enjoy and feel free to disagree!

To recap:

20. 2008//19. 2006// 18. 2009// 17. 2007// 16. 2005// 15. 2001// 14. 1991// 13. 2000 //12. 2004//11. 1996

Top 10-

10. Braves 2010- Had I realized this team was about to get swept, I may have dropped them to #11 but I can still make a case for #10. This pitching staff reminds me alot of the early staffs in the fact that they will keep you in every game. They have a tremendously deep bench. They have an outside shot at 95 wins if their DEF doesn’t get in the way.

9. Braves 1994- This was a strike shortened season that never officially ended. That’s a good thing because the Braves may have lost their divisional win streak in ’94 with the Expos dominating the East that year. It’s tough to tell how this season would have turned out but this team was already 22 games over. 500 after only 114 games.

8. Braves 1992- The 1992 Atlanta Braves team may have been the turning point in the history of this franchise in ATL. They proved that 1991 was not a fluke and went back to the World Series. The 1992 staff had 4 guys with at least 30 starts and all of them had an ERA under 3.40.

Braves won the World Series in 1995.

7. Braves 1997- The ’97 team won 101 games and they did something well that most Braves fans are accustomed to…they stole bases. They had 3 players with 20+ steals(Chipper, Lofton, and Andruw Jones(pre-fatness)).

6. Braves 2002- At the end of the season, they won the NL East by 19 games. That’s absurd. They won 101 games with a dominating staff(as usual in the 90’s for the Braves) that only allowed 565 runs which is 3rd fewest during this span.

5. Braves 1995- We start entering rarefied air when we talk about the top 5 Braves teams of the last 20 years. It is difficult trying to figure out where to put the 1995 Braves since they are the only team to actually win a championship. They were the best team in baseball in 1995 and won 90(strike shortened-Thanks DP-) games but I’m not sure they are that good in comparison with all the 100 wins Braves teams in the last 20 years. That being said, their pitching only allowed 540 runs.

4. Braves 2003- The ’03 Atlanta Braves probably had the best offense of any team during this span. 907 runs!!! They had 4 players with an OPS+ of 115 or more. They won 1o1 games but their pitching staff and offense failed them in the divisional round losing 3-2 to the Cubs.

3. Braves 1999- When it comes to the top 3 teams, you start splitting very fine hairs. The ’99 team made the World Series but got swept by the bloody Yanks. They won 103 games and their best player was Andruw Jones at a 7 WAR.

2. Braves 1993- The #2 team is the ’93 Braves. They were pretty close to a complete package. They allowed the 2nd fewest runs during this span and only used 13 pitchers the entire year. The Braves were very lucky this year(and a few others) to remain relatively injury free.

1.Braves 1998- Even though this team failed to reach the World Series, they had the best Atlanta Braves team of the past 20 years. 106 wins is out of this world and they did both at the plate and on the mound. The Braves had 4 players with 30+ HR’s(Javy, Galarraga, Chipper, and Andruw) and had 3 pitchers with a sub-3 ERA(Some guys named Maddux, Glavine, and Smoltz). Can you imagine facing this team? Half the lineup can crush the ball into the next stratosphere and if you make a mistake, you have to try and get it back vs. 3 HOF’s. Good luck with that.

Hope everyone enjoyed this list. It was great to look back through these lineups and see all the names of the past. Feel free to tell me where you think I messed up.


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