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The Rough Strech

Posted by Kris N. on September 10, 2010

A lot has happened of the past past nine games, primarily dropping to second place. Going 3 – 6 with a -11 run differential and allowing an average of 4.44 runs a game certainly explains why.

The Past Nine –

All 141 Games –

There is no reason to expect that this will continue. It is, after all, just a slump. I have only seen the highlights of the games, but I don’t need to watch it live to know that it’s terrible.

There are games left, and (most importantly) games against the Phillies.


One Response to “The Rough Strech”

  1. grafe said

    They certainly looked better tonight but their pitching has just seemed awful lately, hopefully they’ll knock it off which I can see happening considering the pitching was great all year. Also it looks like McLouth is heating up, that’d be nice

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