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Wins vs. Payroll: 2010 Season Payroll Efficiency

Posted by Kris N. on October 9, 2010

The 2010 season has come to an end, and I thought I’d write this post before someone else did. The purpose of this is to find out which team did the most with their payroll, in terms of wins. Let’s keep it short and sweet. Here is the graph:

So basically this graph is broken down into four quadrants. We will call the bottom right quadrant, “Quadrant One,” as it is the best to be in. The upper right is “Quadrant Two,” the bottom left is “Quadrant Three” and the upper left is “Quadrant Four.” The lower the quadrant number your team is in, the more efficient your team was.

The yellow lines represent the averages. The average payroll was $90.9M and the average amount of wins was 82.

Quadrant 4

Surprisingly the Mets weren’t the worst team in this category. It’s a toss up between Seattle and Chicago, but I’m going to have to go with the Cubs. Seattle paid $1.61M per win, while Chicago paid $1.95M (The average is $1.12M per win). The Mets, not surprisingly, still sucked this year.

Quadrant 3

This will forever be occupied by the Pittsburgh Pirates. Low payroll, low wins. There is a good to case to be made about the Marlins and A’s making it to the first quadrant, unfortunately they didn’t have enough wins. Your seasons won’t go in vein!! Well… not really.

Quadrant 2

You gotta spend money to make money, right? Well the Yankees, Red Sox and Phillies think so. That’s it.

Quadrant 1

The winner has got to be the Rays. Yes, the Padres put up a damn compelling case, leading baseball with the cheapest wins ($0.4M/win), but I’ll have to add points to the Rays for an incredible 96 win season. Other winners include: The Rangers, Reds, Braves, Blue Jays, and Rockies. Way to go guys!

Complete Cost per Win chart:


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Best Free Agent Signing? (Position Player)

Posted by Kris N. on September 20, 2010

If you asked this question mid June, any answer other than “Troy Glaus” would be gooselike (evidently, that’s a word). Since then, he’s been lousy, injured, demoted, and benched. So I don’t think that’s the answer anymore. Pine Tar and Pocket Protectors asked if Jim Thome was the best free agent signing  and made a compelling argument as to why he was; it’s a very good read. So, I want to answer the question here and now.

In my mind, and I’m sure the majority of others, the definition of the best free agent signing is getting the most performance, but paying less for it. That’s what America’s approach to proper consuming is, right? More bang for your buck? Right.

So, here are the free agents that I’ll be “testing:”
Adam LaRoche
Adrian Beltre
Alex Gonzalez
Andruw Jones
Aubrey Huff
Bengie Molina
Chone Figgins
David Eckstein
Eric Hinske
Hideki Matusi
Ivan Rodriguez
Jason Bay
Jason Giambi
Jim Thome
Johnny Damon
Kelly Johnson
Marco Scutaro
Mark DeRosa
Marlon Byrd
Matt Holiday
Miguel Olivo
Mike Cameron
Nick Johnson
Orlando Hudson
Placido Polanco
Rick Ankiel
Rod Barajas
Russell Branyan
Scott Podsednik
Troy Glaus
Vladamir Guerrero

Quick! Take your guess!

Alright, the formula is going to be simple: “Dollars” (A WAR conversion to money) – 2010 Salary. Awesome, a simple subtraction problem (as if the data collection didn’t take hours). Have that guess? Because here are the results:

Adrian Beltre and Aubrey Huff. There you go.

This also just goes to show how right Peter Hjort was, which pisses me off. Not that he was right, of course, just that the Braves gave up on Kelly Johnson for nothing, literally, and he’s making them pay. A season like Johnson’s is hard to predict, nevertheless, they non-tendered a very talented player. Moving on…

Marlon Byrd was a signing that I hated when it happened, and I even made fun of Jim Hendry for it. Well, I’m looking pretty stupid now huh? It’s the shame the Chicago Cubs are the Chicago Cubs or less he could be talked about more. Props Hendry! You finally got one right.

Jim Thome is fifth on the list, and the fact that the White Sox’s didn’t offer a contract to him makes me feel better about the Kelly Johnson situation. So the Twins up went and gobbled him, and it’s all Ozzie Gullien’s fault. He told Williams that he wouldn’t give Thome any at bats if he signed him. Now that Thome had proven himself in the middle of the season, Ozzie will surely admit that he has wrong, right? Nope, in fact HE STILL THINKS IT’S THE RIGHT DECISION. Please, Ozzie, leave baseball alone.

The Matt Holiday and Placido Polanco signings didn’t turn out as terrible as some thought.

The winner will certainly come down to Adrian Beltre or Aubrey Huff in the final 12 games. But I fell comfortable enough to present Theo Epstein this award for “Best Free Agent Signing!”

Print it out, cut along the line, hang on fridge.

The pitchers version will be posted sometime after the Braves – Phillies series. Til next time, Go Braves!

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