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Wins vs. Payroll: 2010 Season Payroll Efficiency

Posted by Kris N. on October 9, 2010

The 2010 season has come to an end, and I thought I’d write this post before someone else did. The purpose of this is to find out which team did the most with their payroll, in terms of wins. Let’s keep it short and sweet. Here is the graph:

So basically this graph is broken down into four quadrants. We will call the bottom right quadrant, “Quadrant One,” as it is the best to be in. The upper right is “Quadrant Two,” the bottom left is “Quadrant Three” and the upper left is “Quadrant Four.” The lower the quadrant number your team is in, the more efficient your team was.

The yellow lines represent the averages. The average payroll was $90.9M and the average amount of wins was 82.

Quadrant 4

Surprisingly the Mets weren’t the worst team in this category. It’s a toss up between Seattle and Chicago, but I’m going to have to go with the Cubs. Seattle paid $1.61M per win, while Chicago paid $1.95M (The average is $1.12M per win). The Mets, not surprisingly, still sucked this year.

Quadrant 3

This will forever be occupied by the Pittsburgh Pirates. Low payroll, low wins. There is a good to case to be made about the Marlins and A’s making it to the first quadrant, unfortunately they didn’t have enough wins. Your seasons won’t go in vein!! Well… not really.

Quadrant 2

You gotta spend money to make money, right? Well the Yankees, Red Sox and Phillies think so. That’s it.

Quadrant 1

The winner has got to be the Rays. Yes, the Padres put up a damn compelling case, leading baseball with the cheapest wins ($0.4M/win), but I’ll have to add points to the Rays for an incredible 96 win season. Other winners include: The Rangers, Reds, Braves, Blue Jays, and Rockies. Way to go guys!

Complete Cost per Win chart:


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Game One Predictions (Braves at 32%)

Posted by Kris N. on October 7, 2010

Optimistic Prediction

Derek Lowe:  6.2 IP, 6 hits, 2 runs, 1 BB, 6 Ks. No Decision.

Tim Lincecum 7.1 IP, 5 hits, 2 runs, 2 BB, 8 Ks, 1 HR. No Decision.

Brian McCann hits a 2 run HR. Braves score the winning run off Santiago Casilla. Braves win 3 – 2.

Pessimistic Prediction

Derek Lowe: 5.0 IP 9 hits, 5 runs, 3 BB, 1 K. Loss.

Tim Lincecum 7.0 IP, 2 hits, 0 runs, 1 BB, 8Ks, and 0 HR. Win.

Lowe implodes and Bobby leave him out there to long. Giants win 6 – 0.

Now that’s with no basis.

I ran this game (Lowe vs. Lincecum) through my newly acquired Baseball Simulator and it doesn’t look pretty for Braves fans.

Team W L PCT RS/9 RA/9 Hits/9 Errors/9 LOB/9 exW-L%
Giants 12,374 5,836 .680 5.0 3.5 9.7 0.66 7.8 67%
Braves 5,836 12,374 .320 3.5 5.0 7.5 1.75 6.9 32%

This is a simulation of 18,210 games.

It puts the Braves shot of winning this game at 32% and (obviously) the Giants at 67%. Also, the Braves averaged 1.75 errors per game. MAKING ERRORS  KILLS PLAYOFF RUNS! If any game in this series is like the game where the Giants won without the benefit of a hit, that will just about do it for this team.

I’ll try to do these for every Braves game of the playoffs, let’s just hope there is more games to come. We can see where the Braves are favorites and underdogs, today, they’re an underdog.

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It’s Always Funny In Philadelphia

Posted by Kris N. on September 20, 2010

Matt Diaz makes up for all his struggles this year with this video:

Quotes from Diaz (from DOB):

“I saw him come out of the bleachers out of the corner of my eye. I thought he was coming at me at first, so I kind of bowed up.”

“Then I saw their security guy go down, and I said this is dangerous, so if he comes back I’ll try to tackle him. Well he came back, and I didn’t want to get hurt or hurt him, so I just stuck out my foot and he hit it. He got right back up and their security guy crushed him.”

“We had something like that happen in Atlanta and our security guy got hurt, so I was glad no one got hurt.”

The idiotic Phillies fan is obviously trying to be cute by wearing a red suite. It’s a obvious mock to the legendary “Green Man” from my favorite TV show on television right now, “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.”

Here’s a clip featuring Green Man, The Phillies and The 2008 World Series:

I’d like to see Diaz and the Red Man make a cameo on It’s Always Sunny.

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