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Player’s Nicknames

There is nothing I like more than a good nickname for a player. So if you’ve got one (or a better one), I’d love to hear it and why, and add it to this list:

Jair Jurrjens:

JJ. Various

Derek Lowe:

D-Lowe. Various

Kris Medlen:

Meds. Unknown

Tommy Hanson:

Big Red. Unknown

Tim Hudson:

Huddy. Various

Mike Minor:

M&M. Me

Kenshin Kawakami:

Kawakrappy. Unknown

Kawakickass. Me

Kyle Farnsworth:

Farnsworthless. @BravesJournal

Takahi Saito:

Side Toe. @BravesDiva

Jonny Venters:

Every Day Jonny. Unknown

Billy Wagner:

Wags. Various

Peter Moylan:

Eric O’Flaherty:

EOF. Various

Brian McCann:

B-Mac. Various

David Ross:

The Boss. Unknown

Chipper Jones:

Skeeerrrrrtttt – The sound his wheel chair makes going around the bases. Someone on my twitter feed

Brooks Conrad:

Raw Dog – Chipper Jones

Freddie Freeman: (We need a good one for Freeman)

Troy Glaus:

Glausasaurous. Unknown

Alex Gonzalez:

Seabass – I have no idea why, maybe a comparison to Sebastian Janikowski. I saw it on his Baseball-Reference page, I thought it was awesome.

Diory Hernandez:

[Don’t bother]

Omar Infante:

Auto single. @Ben_Duronio

Derek Lee:

Derek LOLee. Me

Martin Prado:

MVPrado. Unknown

Pardo. Glenn

Rick Ankiel:

AnKKKKKKKiel – He strikes out a ton. @FakeChipCaray

Melky Cabrera:

The Farm Animal – He eats like a pig, runs like a cow, hung like a horse. Me

Melkinator – Sent back time time to destroy the pennant run. @FakeChipCaray

Matt Diaz:

Matty D. Various

Hittin Fool/Captain Caveman – He hits a lot. Joe Simpson

Jason Heyward:

J-Hey (kid) Various

Eric Hinske:

Nate McLouth:

McJackass or Nate The Great (depending on how he’s hitting). Me

What’ve you got?

Sebastian Janikowski

4 Responses to “Player’s Nicknames”

  1. Glenn said

    I’ve got one for Martin Prado. When he was a rookie, the official stat keeper misspelled his name, calling him “Martin Pardo.” For several weeks, Martin Prado was hitting about .280, but Martin Pardo was hitting like .333. I have called him Martin Pardo ever since.

    Omar Infante is basically Pardo from last year, so I have been calling him Prado Jr, Martin Jr, Little Martin, Pardo Jr, etc.

    • Kris N. said

      It’s going up!

  2. TexasRose said

    Moyland’s nickname is Moylo – saw it on an page quoting one of his teammates

    Alex Gonzales is called SeaBass because he never smiles (according to a teammate from one of his former teams)

  3. TexasRose said

    add’l detail: Kevin Millar on the Marlins coined the SeaBass nickname for AGonzales because of his perpetually sullen game face

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