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Lineup Discussions and Dan Uggla

Posted by jrniemeyer on November 16, 2010

So it appears the Braves committed a legal felony tonight by acquiring Dan Uggla for Omar Infante and Mike Dunn.  From what I understand what really sealed the deal is the Braves said they would include some fish and light bulbs for the new stadium and aquarium in Miami.

With Uggla in the lineup, it gives you some right-handed power that the Braves have so desperately needed. What I really want to discuss is where Uggla and the rest of the crew will hit in the lineup this upcoming season. Below are some options that I believe to be viable:

Option A Option B Option C Option D Option E
1.McLouth Prado Chipper Prado McLouth
2.Prado Heyward Prado Chipper Prado
3.Heyward Chipper Heyward Heyward Chipper
4.Uggla Uggla Uggla Uggla Uggla
5.McCann McCann McCann McCann McCann
6.Chipper Freddie Freddie Freddie Heyward
7.Freddie Alex G. Alex G. Alex G. Freddie
8. Alex. G McLouth McLouth McLouth Alex G.

Option A

The one constant in every lineup is Uggla hitting 4th. I just don’t see any other way around that.  McLouth is your ideal leadoff man if he doesn’t suck. When McLouth hits leadoff Prado is a great table setter hitting 2nd. This lineup would have one of the best 2 through 6 lineups in the NL if not MLB(If Chipper is healthy).

Option B

Option B is probably the one I like best. I like Prado hitting leadoff with Heyward behind him. Like Capitol Avenue, I also believe Chipper will probably hit 3rd until the day he dies. McLouth is a solid 8 hitter with Freddie and Alex. G hitting 6th and 7th.

Option C-

To preface this lineup, it comes from the mind of Brad Rowland(@Browismyhero and He thinks nothing would be better than Chipper to hit leadoff. Good luck trying to talk him out of it. If Chipper hits leadoff Prado has to bat 2nd and that sets the order nicely for Heyward, Uggla and Mac.

Option D-

This is the same as option B but with Chipper hitting 2nd and Heyward hitting 3rd. I wouldn’t mind Chipper hitting in the 2 spot. He get’s on base alot and can set the table for Heyward and Uggla.

Option E-

Not sure I love this lineup. It’s the same as option A but Heyward and Chipper are switched. I realize most will not like Heyward batting 6th but it gives you good pop towards the end and Heyward hit pretty well in the 6th spot this past year.


So there you go folks. Those are a few options that I believe the Braves will consider. Please feel free to disagree.


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